You have a beautiful website design with great products, but the customer base does not grow? Read on and learn how copywriting can help you get loyal clients!


Every day, tons of information are flashing before our eyes in the form of texts, articles, and comments. The essence and purpose of each of these written pieces are different: advertising, informational texts, news, etc. In marketing, the goal of writing texts (copywriting) is to increase the popularity of goods, services, and activities. Stay tuned to find out how to craft catchy, attention-drawing copies that will attract more customers with your amazing stories online!

What Is Copywriting?

It is quite difficult to give a concise definition that fully explains what copywriting is. In a broad sense, copywriting can be interpreted as a creation of unique texts that fully comply with the bases of your business to promote it. To put it in a nutshell, copywriting is all about producing content that is oriented to allure new customers and enhance the likelihood that they will want to buy your cannabis goods or services. Today, every marketing channel uses content to run efficient marketing campaigns, which ultimately boost market performance. This is why well-performed copywriting is absolutely crucial to your cannabis business if you want people to become loyal to your company.

What Are the Different Types of Copywriting?

Although copywriting can refer to any written piece, there are 5 main types when copywriting is being used for marketing purposes: SEO copywriting, advertising, speechwriting, event and technical copywriting.  Using these copywriting techniques for marketing purposes will enhance the productivity of your cannabis business:

  • SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is perhaps the most used type of copywriting. It is aimed at ranking your website to the highest possible level on the web. It is vital for any business and should be written by a professional copywriter in order to get everything accurate. SEO texts are placed on the corresponding pages of websites. They contain a set of keywords with optimal density. Today, SEO copywriting is not only used to include keywords, but rather to satisfy your clients when they are looking for a particular product.

  • Advertising copywriting

Advertising copywriting is all about promo texts for various goods and services. The main purpose of advertising copywriting is to inform potential customers and to attract new customers.

  • Speechwriting

Speechwriting is the drafting of custom texts for public speaking and official speeches. The most important criterion is the conformity of the form, style and content of the target audience. This type is especially in demand in the areas of PR-technologies and politics.

  • Event Copywriting

Event Copywriting is texts written for a specific event, holiday, or celebration. It can also include event scripts. This is the only type of copywriting where plagiarism is partially allowed.

  • Technical Copywriting

Technical copywriting is a clear and concise statement of technical information. It may also be in the form of annotations or diagrams. The purpose of this type is to provide the most accurate information about a product or service.

In some classifications copywriting includes similar areas such as journalism, literary activity, image copywriting, blogging and even game design.

Reasons Why Your Cannabis Business Needs to Invest in Copywriting

Every website has some written content placed on it.  However, just writing general information about the specifics of your business and its offers will not provide an in-depth connection with your company, making customers buy from you. Thus, investing in professional copywriting will give your business the boost it needs to take a competitive advantage. For example, Seabedee says that the implementation of the great copywriting strategy was a game-changer for them.  This approach helped them to:

  1. Craft great texts and product descriptions that are oriented on selling and promoting goods and services. They are easy to read, perceive and attract people to want to buy a product on an emotional basis;
  2. Establish a personal connection with their target clients;
  3. Increase customer loyalty, which in turn boosted brand awareness;
  4. Produce professional content that gave the company’s website an additional weight in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Nowadays, great copywriting is exclusively aimed at clients – at their problems, feelings, and emotions. Such texts are able to fully demonstrate to your potential buyers how they will solve a particular pain point in their life by purchasing a certain product or using a specific service of your cannabis company. Moreover, well-drafted content explains why people should love your brand.

What is a Copywriter and Why Does Your Cannabis Business Need One?

Daily in the world, there are published gigabytes of information. Texts are the most common information visualization system. A copywriter takes on the challenge of developing a sales concept and turning all the information given into profit for your company. Each word in the text is written with meaning and for a specific reason.

  • To encourage website visitors to order goods;
  • To tell potential partners about the benefits of working with your business;
  • To inspire and create a desire to visit your cannabis blog again;
  • To establish a personal connection with your target audience.

Articles of a professional copywriter are always:

  • Aimed at the client;
  • Concise but friendly;
  • Unique;
  • Structured;
  • Solve a specific problem based on given conditions;

To sell a product or service you need to clearly understand who you are selling to and what kind of customer problems you are trying to solve. That is the essence of copywriter’s work.

Copywriting: The Art of Good Storytelling

Copywriting is a long-term investment.  The profit does not come right away, but it does come, in good time, and will always pay off. A copywriter tells a story to your customers in a way that they will be enticed to recommend your cannabis-related company. This difficult task of promoting is solved with the help of using a whole range of services. The following are some ways to help your business grow:

  • Articles for promoting a business on social networks

Social networks use both regular and SEO texts. The only rule is that they should all have a strong lead, stand out from the rest, and become an effective tool in the hands of an SMM specialist.

  • Texts for placement on bulletin boards

The copywriter takes the opportunity to advertise for free on different forums, such as Quora, in order to talk about the strengths of your cannabis business. This means will also explain clearly as to what type of client problems they will solve.

  • Cold commercial offers

For many entrepreneurs, a “cold commercial offer” is a kind of spam, and nobody likes spam. Therefore, your copywriter will write such a text that allows the first words to get the attention of prospective clients, showing the benefits of cooperation with your business.

  • Selling SEO texts

The task of a copywriter is not only to harmoniously enter the key “buy CBD”, but also to be able to turn an ordinary Internet user into a website visitor.  Encouraging them to make a purchase or order other services. A competent copywriter optimizes SEO-text for key queries, so that search engines, after indexing, will increase the ranking of your site.

  • Maintaining a corporate blog

A copywriter writes articles on a corporate blog spontaneously. All of them have a theme, a clear structure, and a purpose. For example, to attract the maximum number of potential customers from search traffic to "accustom" the reader to regular reading of the blog. Such texts form the status of an expert, generate loyalty, and encourage re-sales.

  • Email marketing

Copywriters who know how to correctly develop a strategy will provoke trust in your cannabis company about the target audience.  A good copywriter is able to effectively advertise the pros of your business in a way that boosts sales through engaging content. These skills are highly valued. Texts in email marketing should be interesting, competent, possess a selling strategy, and encourage prospective clients to take action.

  • Copywriters also write slogans, texts for leaflets, press releases, naming, etc.

 It is not necessary to hire a whole team of professionals for every task you need. Sometimes one outsourced professional, who knows a lot about words, is enough. Every word used is selling something, so let those words sell well.


To sum up, copywriting is an integral element of the field of SEO, Internet marketing, and content marketing. It is crucial for you to incorporate copywriting into your general marketing strategy since it is one of the most effective business promotion tools to date.

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