Creative & Brand Consulting

Whether you need to refresh an existing brand identity or establish a new name with a corresponding long-term strategy and goals, Weedburg is here to help you.

Creative & Brand Consulting

We have been on a long journey to become experts in branding cannabis-related companies.  It is our ultimate goal to design innovative approaches, bring fresh ideas, and use cutting edge tech solutions in order to craft a successful identity for you. We do not just build brands; we create original stories and help our partners share them with the entire world. We assist our clients in identifying their market objectives and challenges and finding solutions. Whether you need to refresh an existing brand identity or establish a new name with a corresponding long-term strategy and goals, Weedburg is here to help you in crafting the perfect brand that stands for something, and ultimately stands out from the competition. As professional yet creative brand builders, our team works to bring modern and advanced approaches to the mix to ensure our partners and their brands are sharing the right story.

How we Craft Your Story

Great brands are built from within. Weedburg gets to know you, your business, your market position, and your consumers. We analyze your short- and long-term marketing goals and develop strategic guidance that enhances your brand within your company and outward into your target market.

We believe that the cannabis-related market is all about trust and proper communication with customers. In this business, building and managing strong brands and solid, long-term client relationships is vital. One might say that relationships are easy, but that is totally incorrect. How we communicate is essential. We choose words carefully and make sure our actions back them up. It is the same with crafting your brand identity. The following are approaches we practice to help our partners refresh their brands:

Brand Workshop (Briefing)

Usually, clients do not know exactly what they want to implement or how to translate the pictures in their minds. Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes to determine all the options for the branding or rebranding of your company. This is when our partners greatly benefit from a general brainstorming meeting that we call a Brand Workshop. It strives to distinguish and tackle the problem and results in a product brief that our creative team can work from. Our Brand Workshops consist of several stages:

  • Preliminary research

Here we analyze your existing or new brand and get to know your team and marketing objectives. The main purpose of this stage is to fully understand what your company is all about. With this stage done, we can eliminate a lot of future wasted time spent on simple questions and miscommunication.

  • Preliminary advice

After we analyze your company and its purposes, we will provide you with preliminary advice to give you an idea of how we see the big picture and our prospective strategy of crafting your brand identity. Being on the same page with our clients is extremely important to us.

Commercial Offer (CO)

You have a concept; it is our mission to turn it into a reality. We will work with your team, welcome your ideas, and convert them into something that really makes a difference in the market. Our commercial offer contains all the details we have previously discussed and described even the tiniest details of the projects. Included in this is:

  • Offer description

The offer we send you will be meticulously prepared, outlining all the project details; your brand; concepts; company positioning; brand legend; market share, and so on.

  • Implementation tools

We will highlight what tools and approaches are going to be used to implement the strategy for your branding. This might include logo redesign, PR, social media channels and many other practices to ensure your customers perceive your brand as you wish.

  • Benefits

This section describes the unique perks we offer you. In case you are still not sure whether to give us the green light to share your story and enhance your brand, you can double-check our benefits.

  • Predicted results

Although brand promotion should be consistently maintained to bring about the desired outcomes, we will give you the predicted results of your brand perception after we have completed the initial or final stages of elevating your name.

  • Price

The pricing section will set out how we charge, the items charged for, and a breakdown of the figures. We do not provide a standard price list since there are a lot of aspects to consider while promoting a particular brand, but we make sure to adhere to fair pricing in accordance with your market position and objectives.

Brand Research

How your current or prospective company shows itself to the world, visually and from a "message" point of view is essential in terms of your success. How consumers feel about your brand and concept is usually out of your hands. Logos, words, colors and much more trigger the buyers' perception of your name. Prior experience with a particular brand genuinely influences the way people perceive it. That is why it is so important to do brand research to know where to get started. To do so, we apply the following approaches:

  • Client's place on the market

The cannabis industry, just like any other industry, has its players already. Therefore, we analyze where your company is in this market, what market share it has and how we can help you to improve your current position through branding.

  • Study of client’s requirements

We thoroughly review all the requirements our partners have for us to implement. It is extremely important to work as a team and share a common vision. Thus, we always make sure we are on the same page as our clients and are offering the best solutions.

  • Study of competitors

Competitor analysis has never been more essential than in the cannabis market. Our team analyzes all the pros and cons your competitors have, what message they strive to display and what campaigns they plan to carry out. In this way, we can understand what tactics will work best for your company to get ahead of its competitors.

Brand Development

The brand allows companies to receive constant additional profit while not wasting additional resources. This is due to the fact that a brand is an idea that a consumer wants to share. Therefore, selling the brand’s products is easy and much more profitable. Our marketing experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your brand and develop an individual strategy for crafting a new brand, or its improvement. To develop cannabis-related brands and establish a proactive strategy we use a lot of tools. Some of these are:

  • Creative concept

The main thing that makes one company differentiate from another is a unique approach. We make sure your idea and concept are implemented in a way that works best for your company, with a mix of creativity and unique offerings.

  • Naming

The brand name should not only sound beautiful, but its style should also be pleasant for consumers, bringing up a direct and positive association with the brand. Moreover, the name is not just a word, but also the main idea of the brand. We make sure to deliver just that.

  • Brand platform

It is a complex mix of elements that make up your brand image. This includes many things like the brand concept, voice, positioning and much more to give your customers the big picture of your name. Our team analyzes all the elements of a brand platform, making them work for you rather than against it.

  • Corporate identity

A corporate identity is a blend of colors, visuals, verbal, typographical, sound, video, content, and other aspects that present the face of your business. Our mission is to develop a full corporate identity for your brand so it represents the desired image.

Sales Development

Famous brands can maintain their top positions for many years; each has its own secret of success, but the common feature of all these brands is loyal customers who are confident in the companies’ products. Loyalty is built on constant interaction with the audience and receiving feedback from consumers. This tactic of collaborating with the audience increases brand awareness and therefore elevates sales. That is why it is believed that a successful brand means loyal buyers and increased ROI. We implement the following stages to make sure your brand grows its profits:

  • Clarification of needs

The basic stage is to understand what you need and how you see it. We share your vision while bringing insightful advice.

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the company

This is one of the main aspects to analyze. Each company has its pros and cons and our preliminary objective is to identify these. With this in mind, Weedburg conducts an analysis based on our unique approaches to come up with the best solution for how to enhance your strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

  • Logistics analysis

Sometimes companies carry out their logistics in the wrong way or do not see how to cut down expenses. Our expert team carries out research on how to increase profits by improving your logistics.

  • Opponents analysis

A basic but very important stage focuses on your sales development. With this in mind, we conduct full competitors’ analysis to understand how to beat them.

  • Growth of profits

With our vast research and fresh solutions, we advise you on how to increase net profits and avoid additional expenses.

  • Businesses future objectives

Whether you are a new brand or an existing company, you may be stuck with questions of what to do next. Weedburg identifies your current situation and makes suggestions on your future business direction.

Let Weedburg Tell Your Story

Building a comprehensive brand that is harmonious and tells a compelling story is a skill that entails serious know-how and expertise to both see the concept and execute it. Weedburg understands the intricacies of taking a brand from concept to completion and has a background in working with numerous cannabis-related companies at various stages in their business lifecycle. Our ability to comprehend the big picture of your company and help you bring your brand to life is viral and extremely valuable. Let us tell your story so the world perceives your brand just as you desire.


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