Marketing Development

Learn about original and effective marketing development techniques to help you establish and promote your cannabis brand.

Marketing Development

Our marketing development strategies are client-oriented, prioritizing the overall vision of your business ahead of products and services alone. We use our vast marketing experience to help businesses get into fresh cannabis markets with a precise amount of analysis, development, experimentation, and leadership. We are fully dedicated to the marketing development of your company and can provide you with original and effective techniques to help you establish and promote your brand.

We do not only improve your marketing development. We create mindsets.

A quick decision to enter the market can be a crucial aspect when there is a space for clients who might avail from innovative, disruptive marketing development tools. Since our team is always ahead of the learning curve for digital marketing areas such as SEO, messenger marketing, modern PR approaches, etc., you don’t have to undergo ‘briefing slack’ or wait until we get our heads around the particulars and concepts of your business. Leaning on our experience, we already know what a prospective cannabis business needs in marketing. We understand what the current challenges and trends are. We are aware of all the market drivers. It has been said that assumption is the mother of all mistakes, so we are also careful to set the accurate amount of market testing within prospective campaigns.

Furthermore, we provide leadership. For all marketing challenges, we look for multiple resolutions with positive outcomes, presenting to you the most effective strategies for your marketing investment and business purposes.

How we do your marketing development

We cooperate with ambitious brands and companies who recognize that investing in marketing development truly helps to build and shape their business. We work with the ones who are not just striving to make a change, but are eager to start encompassing the future. For cannabis-related companies, we employ a wide range of tools and approaches to ensure your business stands out. These include:


We equip our clients with an innovative CRM solution that helps your company to strengthen the connection with both existing and new customers. Cutting-edge CRM carries out many important features to convert prospective clients into loyal buyers. We make sure to set the innovative CRM, which is to help your business to understand the consumers and what their preferences are. The system we implement will contain and rely on:

  •       Reviews

Your company will permanently stay in touch with customers around the clock if needed, communicating with them and answering their inquiries without any delays. Since CRM keeps all of the customer's reviews, it will give your customer support team context to immediately understand and solve the issues the client is facing. This will improve the overall query practice for both the buyer and your company.

  •       Comments

This feature is also aimed at helping your staff to interact with customers properly. While being recorded in CRM, there will always be a comment section with customers’ latest purchases, issues, and suggestions.

Digital marketing

Marketing in today’s world is predominantly digital, and we will make sure you aren’t left behind. We will help you create content for relevant social platforms in line with your company’s image, including marketing campaigns, newsletters, and SM promotions. Other forms of digital marketing we use include:

  •       SEO

When it comes to leveraging the power of search engines and media, the ability to measure success is key and this is where SEO and Analytics comes into play. With a solid understanding of how the strategies being implemented affect impressions and engagement, changes can be made as required.

  •       Messenger marketing

In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in users’ behavior: people spend more time on messengers than on social networks. It is believed that messenger marketing is the future of digital marketing overall.  It is a channel that, when used correctly, opens up infinite doors of interaction and engagement with your target audience, in turn driving more leads and sales. That is why one of our approaches to market your business promote it where your customers are – in messengers.

  •       Email marketing

At Weedburg, we mix endless email marketing experience with incredibly creative email template design to guarantee your emails come up with an increased conversion rate reaching the target audience.

  •       Mobile

According to statistics, about 40% of online purchases are done via mobile versions of sites or mobile apps. In order not to lose this lion's share of customers, we market your business using the most innovative mobile marketing tricks such as push notifications, QR codes, apps, and much more.

Reputation management strategy

When clients see your brand, what are their first impressions? Are their reviews negative or positive? Would they recommend your company? It is crucial to build and maintain a positive online reputation, and we assist our clients in doing so.

Product development

Many of our clients have strong product development strategies, but find this strength is not reflected in their sales. We provide support in fine-tuning these strategies, ensuring your brand reaches its full potential and exceeds sales goals.

 Influencer marketing

The two most common reasons for utilizing influencer marketing are to increase brand awareness and drive more sales. We are partnered with some of the biggest influencers in the cannabis industry. By working with us, you will benefit from our connections with those who have access to your target audience on a more intimate level.


The use of social media has never been greater, nor more profitable; almost one-third of sales can be attributed to the right SMM strategy and accurate promotion. That means it is a great tactic of marketing development to tell your story and get more engagement. SMM is one of the most popular marketing channels that bring incredible results. That is why we will ensure your products are promoted within the social networks most frequently used by your audience.


The brand is for sure defined by its visuals, but it is the words that bring your message in front of your customers. A small amount of well-written copy is worth far more than lengthy, poorly written content. Our copywriters will find the right words and an appropriate style to entice your audience.


Does your company have a story to share? Are the right people hearing it? Our PR experts combine a creative approach with exceptional storytelling to make sure your voice is heard. We focus on the areas of the cannabis industry that matter most to your business. From establishing new brands to enhancing the old, we will support you at every stage in your journey. We will tell your story; You will change the world.

Indoor ad

Your brand's advertising should be strategically placed in specific areas to achieve maximum visibility. We provide a proven, affordable advertising medium to your target audience to help you maximize your efficiency through passive marketing. 

Outdoor ad

At Weedburg, not only can we plan and maintain your outdoor ad but also design all of the outdoor creative formats your brand needs. This creates effectiveness and you no longer need to deal with multiple companies to perform a single job – let us handle the whole set of ad activities so you can enjoy the placements once they are ready to go live.

Your positive outcome is our primary concern

The options in marketing development are infinite. As a full-stack digital agency specializing in the cannabis industry, our marketing makes the best use of every available platform to engage with customers in both the digital and physical realms. We believe a marketing campaign should chart your business goals and brand identity; this is why Weedburg provides a dynamic and holistic approach to establishing an integrated traditional and digital marketing program. We are not happy unless you are. We will unite with your business, clients, and existing marketing plans to devise a plan of action and take on this challenge together.

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