Marketing Strategy

Why do you need to have clear marketing strategy and what are its core elements? Read on to get the answers.

Marketing Strategy

At Weedburg, we recognize the challenges that come with marketing cannabis to a largely polarized audience. Therefore, we ensure that every aspect of a marketing strategy is designed to connect with prospects at a deeply personal level. Marketing strategy is a unique synergy between your company and prospective clients. Therefore, creating a connection is vital especially when you consider the number of brands vying for their attention – your brand just needs to give a different vibe.

We design marketing strategy to give the complete package, seeing to needs in SEO, social media management, website design, graphics design, and general branding. Over the years, we have established a reputation for providing expert services creatively, keeping a finger on the pulse at all times. We plan like statisticians, research like historians, think like philosophers and execute like enthusiasts. Our understanding of the relationship between traditional and digital media platforms helps us produce results in line with set goals.

An opportunity to grow together!

The cannabis industry is still very new but there are tons of industries, which are into dealing with the wonder plant. We work with cannabis farms, product manufacturers, grow light companies, and pretty much every business related to cannabis marketing.

Our goal is to create cohesive and well-recognized brands, which turn our clients into leaders in the cannabis industry. We believe that the ROI your company gets is linked directly to the quality of marketing they employ and with our full-service package, you have the chance to become the number one brand in the market.

A grasp of relevant legislations

Establishing a positive reputation with customers and relevant legislative bodies is a priority for most of our clients. Therefore, we go the extra mile in getting a solid understanding of regional marketing regulation(s) for each client.

Due to the dynamic regulatory landscape and the ferocious competition in the cannabis market, our approach to marketing is agile, with a flexible execution strategy.

Core elements of designed marketing strategy

  • ABC Analysis

To get a better understanding of your business internal stuff, we determine the product groups of your company while conducting an ABC analysis. It really helps when it comes to product ad prioritization and future marketing campaigns being completed. With this in mind, our experts conduct a top-notch ABC analysis to help you get started in the cannabis industry or improve your existing market positions.

  • SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis we conduct for you will help to define if your business is working efficiently on the way to its market goals. We analyze your company from different angles to see if it is running the right milestones, what could be altered or where it’s getting stuck.

  • Research

We are fully aware of the features and special requirements of the cannabis industry and hence we definitely know which adjustments in terms of market research are vital in order to ensure valid data for strategic business decisions being implemented.

  • Competitor analysis

We understand that while the cannabis industry is relatively new to the wide public, there is a cutting throat inner competition between existing top players and new companies trying to penetrate the market. That is why we do also research your competitors and what can be done to leave them behind.

  • Increase market share

Every business that craves to be successful should permanently strive to increase its market share. The majority of the cannabis-related companies that analyze their market run conclude that they’re performing below the optimal market share. They’re not fully optimizing their services and products to be economically viable. That is why we are to help you to identify and improve market share increasing strategies that ideally meet your current market position.

  • Issuing a business plan

What is the touch base of any successful venture? Idea. However, if this idea is not backed up with a great business plan, it might not work. Our experts have tons of experience in crafting BPs for new companies intending to penetrate the cannabis market as well as for already established businesses that need to launch new products/services.

Bottom line

Before the execution phase, we meet with our clients to dissect their brand, the company’s collective vision, and their target market. All this helps to design a superb marketing strategy oriented on penetrating the cannabis market as smoothly as possible. Successful brands are those, which can cut through the noise of a cluttered market to stay on top of their category. This is exactly what we help brands to achieve by tailoring a Marketing Strategy that involves a mix of social media, graphics, SEO and content creation to push your brand, keeping it right at the top of its niche.

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