Want to promote a new business or refresh an existing one? Outdoor ads will help you launch a simple marketing campaign without extra-budgetary costs.

Outdoor Advertising

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising includes the bright advertising structures that are seen every day on the street, such as signs in stores, billboards on roads and firewalls on building facades, lightboxes on sidewalks, frame lights on shop windows and much more. Statistics say that outdoor advertising brings the greatest effect of all advertising Because it is usually large and noticeable. Such ads convey the message briefly and concisely, often with narratives that are easy to remember.

Reasons Why Your Cannabis Business Should Use Outdoor Ads

Outdoor advertising structures have already become part of our life which is not surprising. Entrepreneurs willingly order such an advertisement because it is very profitable and brings successful outcomes. Below is a list of the main advantages of outdoor advertising:

  1. Price

Outdoor advertising is one of the cheapest in the advertising market. Placing a banner or lightbox is more affordable than, for example, launching a promo video.

  1. Relevance to the target audience

The outdoor ad can be installed where your target audience is likely to gather.

  1. Positive perception

People do not consider this type of ad to be annoying while the promo videos on TV that interrupt the broadcast, and pop-ups in the browser that covers the screen are irritating to prospective customers.

  1. Wide coverage

Since street advertising cannot be hidden, everyone sees it, even those who would never be interested in your product at all. Therefore, an unusually wide audience reach is an important advantage of outdoor marketing.

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