There is a real art to presenting your cannabis products correctly. Learn how to boost sales with modern packaging tricks.


As numerous studies show, most purchases in stores are carried out spontaneously. On average, customers read up to 7 words while shopping.  Colors, packaging shapes, and brand awareness play a greater role in directing the purchase. Bright, catchy packaging is a powerful argument in the struggle for the attention of the buyer. Read on if you want to know why packaging is so important for the consumer and how to use it most effectively to help your company stand out!

Why Is Packaging Important to Your Cannabis Business?

The packaging is your product’s first impression. If the goods are hidden in unattractive wrapping, then no matter how high quality they may be, the buyer will skip right over them. A person forms his first impression of a product in just 7 seconds. With the aim of impressing a potential customer in that brief window, experts carefully work on the development of product packaging, paying attention to colors, fonts, and quality.

Bright packaging not only attracts attention, but also contributes to a favorable perception of the product; that is, people are more inclined to believe they will like what they find inside.

When choosing a font for packaging, the focus has to be on making it easy to read. In general, the more legible and simpler the packaging, the more efficiently it will work.

With the help of color, a company can stand out from competitors, and also reach the consumer on a subconscious level. Bright colors communicate a relaxed feeling. Red is capable of exciting, green demonstrate harmony and is used in advertising environmentally friendly products, black is associated with reliability and strength while also tending to indicate a more expensive product, white is the color of harmony and purity.

Speaking about how packaging impacts sales, it is worth noting that packaging affects consumers even after the sale of goods. According to surveys, more than 50% of customers return to a company that provided them with quality packaging. And 90% of consumers reuse packages and boxes. Therefore, by investing in quality packaging, the company is able to leave a positive impression of itself in the minds of consumers and return a significant portion of customers.

What Are The Functions Of Packaging?

The creation of packaging is a part of your brand promotion strategy, an opportunity to ensure sales growth, and a way of visually embodying your cannabis brand concept. The main packaging features include:

  • Brand identity expression

Packaging affects the consumer at a subconscious level, generating associations with the immediate qualities of the product and highlighting it against the background of competitors' products. An unconditional advantage of the packaging is that its visual elements - form, color, texture - in contrast to text, are international and legible regardless of the language the consumer speaks. It is important, though, to consider the fundamental differences in perception that are inherent in different cultures.

  • Giving your brand extra features

Often, the packaging is not only a way of designing a product, but also a tool to give your brand additional value by way of vivid individual features. Marketing practice contains many examples of instances when, along with sound and visual means, packaging became a trademark.

  • Brand promotion

The appearance of the packaging can attract consumer attention to the product and affect the decision to purchase. This is supported by the realities of the self-service system common today when the store’s assortment includes dozens of product names and the customer’s interaction with the packaging of each of them lasts an average of 0.20 seconds. During this time, the goal is to instill in the buyer a desire to stop and examine the product closer. Packaging becomes the carrier of an important message for the consumer: that you can buy a product at a better price, for example, or try a new offer.

  • Brand protection

In addition to protecting the product from environmental influences, packaging has another important function: it ensures brand safety. The more original and meticulously executed the packaging (material, design, method of applying the image), the more difficult it is to fake. Methods of protection include the use of micro font, volume stamping, and holograms.

The role of packaging at different stages of consumer interaction with the brand is difficult to overestimate. In the period preceding the decision to purchase goods, the packaging is often the main element of advertising and allows a potential buyer to get a first idea about the product. Immediately at the time of choice in the store, it becomes a "seller", attracting visitors to the product and creating a positive brand image in their minds. At the final stage, in the process of using the product, the packaging should serve to confirm a well-made choice and meet the expectations of the buyer.

What Is Good Packaging?

Your cannabis products have just several seconds to attract the attention of a potential customer. The product is sold by its packaging. Everyone knows this, but they still make the same mistakes. In order to have your packaging sell your goods for you, it must comply with several basic principles:

  1. Stand out - packaging has to highlight the product among analogs and attract consumers.
  2. Communicate effectively - thanks to the packaging, a person should in a couple of moments understand what kind of product is in front of him and why he should buy it.
  3. Do your research - when designing packaging, you need to rely on the real preferences and expectations of potential buyers; you cannot do without quality research of the target audience.
  4. Be economical – in general, packaging should not cost more than the product itself.

In packaging design, remember that the main thing is functionality.

Here are some core rules to consider in order to create eye-catching packaging that sells itself:

  1. Build a hierarchy

The most important information should be catchy and prioritized. Put what is most important in the center.

  1. Don't leave anything open to question

From the first second, the buyer should understand what is in front of him - especially when it comes to a new product on the market.

  1. Be honest

The image of the product on the packaging should not differ too much from what the buyer sees when he opens it.

  1. Keep your colors consistent

The packaging is an element of brand visualization. Even if you are really tempted, ignoring corporate colors is not worth it.

  1. Don’t overdesign

Modern technologies allow you to realize in your packaging any, even the wildest, fantasies. But the laws of the market are inexorable. Bold concepts might adorn the portfolios of designers, but they do not translate into sales.

  1. Consider different layout options

Important information on the packaging should be clearly visible, even if your product is on the lower shelf. Anticipate how your product will be displayed: will it be in a box, with a third of the label covered up? Then important information cannot be included in that part and must be shifted to a more visible section. Or, as an option, you can play with the design of the box itself. This is called an SRP - shelf-ready pack.

Does Packaging Make A Difference?

Catchy packaging can provoke the so-called viral effect. It's no secret that in the modern world people love to brag about their achievements and what they’ve bought on social networks. If the packaging is original and makes an impression, then the buyer, wanting to stand out, shows it to his friends. As a rule, the subscribers of your client are his good friends or at least acquaintances who trust him. So, if the product interests them, then they are more likely to follow the recommendation and will also buy your product. Seabedee claims that when customers buy their products and mention their premium packaging on Instagram stories or in blogs, the company sometimes gets more loyal clients than from promotions. This is how the viral distribution of the company’s brand works. Do you want all your cannabis goods to be packed the same way? Then you need to create a packaging that:

  • Looks elegant and presentable. Products packaged in this way generate more trust among buyers.
  • Has a high standard of quality. A packaging option can double as a means to store the product. Packaging that looks “expensive” presents your product as elite.
  • Sways the potential buyer toward action. The images and texts that you place on your packaging should reflect the essence of the company’s activities and encourage purchase.

Creating attractive packaging is not an easy process. However, if you bear in mind all the tips above, then the road before you is well marked. Finally, one last, important recommendation for you, which may sound like a slogan: "Get closer to nature!”. How about taking care of the environment by offering your target audience packaging that is made from recycled or safe materials? With proper positioning, you will attract even more attention, as modern society increasingly advocates for the protection of the environment, the conservation of nature and the reduction of waste. Environmental design packaging is a trend nowadays, so try to benefit from it.

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