Corporate Design

Today, every successful cannabis business has its own personal corporate design, which helps buyers recognize them. Do you want to know how to use this approach? Stay tuned!

Corporate Design

Corporate design today is the basis of the entire communication policy of any cannabis company. It is one of the main means to attract loyal customers, as well as an important component of branding. Its use involves a unified approach to design, color combinations, images in advertising, business papers, technical and business documentation, product packaging, etc. Continue reading if you want to know how to utilize corporate design to increase your brand awareness and boost sales!

What is Corporate Design?

It is one of the most cutting-edge and relevant types of advertising. Within corporate design, there is an understood set of color, graphic, verbal and other permanent elements that provide visual information about your cannabis goods and services. The use of corporate design implies a unified approach to design, color combinations, images in advertising, business papers, technical and business documentation, product packaging, and more. Today, the personal design of your brand carries out the following crucial functions:

  • Image

Formation and support of an original, attractive, and quickly recognizable image of the company, which will help to increase its prestige and reputation. The positive perception of the company by the target audience is transferred to its products. Many people consider the quality of products with a well-known trademark far superior to the quality of anonymous products, and as such are willing to pay more for them.

  • Identifying

Corporate identity contributes to the identification of goods and advertising. This indicates their relationship with the company and their common origin.

  • Differentiating

There is a certain “information medium” that helps the consumer navigate the flow of goods and advertising, facilitating the selection process.

Why Your Cannabis Business Needs Corporate Design?

When the target audience knows your corporate design, they are more likely to pay attention to the familiar logo, colors, or fonts. These can highlight a specific advertising message, making it stand out from the general and intense advertising noise.

The use of a single corporate identity in all forms of an advertising campaign makes advertising more holistic. In addition, the importance of corporate identity lies in the fact that it allows the company to market its new products with lower costs and increases the effectiveness of advertising as well as improving its memorability.

Thus, corporate design is vital for your brand as it gives you numerous advantages over your competitors:

  1. Significant increase in efficiency from investments in an advertising company. Increase brand awareness among a large number of potential buyers;
  2. The company looks more attractive from a commercial point of view. Confidence in your cannabis brand is strengthened not only by potential customers but also by potential investors and future partners;
  3. The initial impression of your company is formed solely thanks to corporate design. Then personal communication, various contacts and results of cooperation will come into force;
  4. You are different from competitors;
  5. The brand becomes memorable on an emotional level. Associations are born in the head of customers even with a momentary look at your logo or selected color scheme.

Key Elements You Need for Great Corporate Design

Elements of corporate design are formed based solely on your personal desires. Each entrepreneur wants to stand out from their competitors. Never forget that a well-designed corporate style can unlock your potential much more powerfully, which is why even established enterprises often resort to rebranding. However, there are some basic elements that each great corporate design should have.

  • Trademark

The central element of corporate design is the trademark. It is usually a graphic element with some words or letters on it. It represents your company in the best way possible. In addition, the trademark performs a second important function – it protects the product or brand from unfair competition and establishes the legal priority of the owner. A logo is the most common type of trademark (up to 80% of trademarks are registered as wordmarks, and approximately four out of five trademarks are registered in the form of a logo).

  • Logo or emblem

This next element of corporate identity is a traditional, often used combination of several elements of corporate identity (two or more than two). Most often, this is a pictorial trademark (or emblem) and logo. In addition, the great logo makes customers remember it and distinguish from tons of other companies. For example, The Bloom says that after developing their brand-new logo, their brand awareness among potential buyers skyrocketed.

  • Corporate slogan

The slogan can be created not only as a phrase that conveys in a vivid and figurative idea of ​​a specific advertising campaign, but it is also a constantly used original motto of the company. In this case, it becomes an important component of the corporate identity (it can even be registered as a trademark).

Unlike a trademark, a slogan is both an audial and visual image of a company, which gives it exceptional significance. The corporate slogan is an element of the corporate identity that should reflect the specifics of the company, help distinguish the company from its competitors, and support its reputation. It must convey in a concentrated form the idea and the main idea of ​​corporate identity.

  • Color palette

Many companies can be instantly recognized by a characteristic combination of colors. Their advertisements stand out from many others and remain in memory. Corporate color schemes should cause specific associations with the activities of the company, its products, and image. It should carry certain information and reflect the idea of ​​corporate identity. In this regard, when choosing corporate colors, it is important to study the emotional impact and associations that certain colors can cause potential buyers.

  • Corporate font kit

An important part of the corporate identity is constantly used fonts in the design of text materials. They, like other elements of the corporate identity, should be consistent with its core idea and emphasize the features of the brand image with the specifics of the company.

  • Additional corporate design element (corporate character)

Sometimes corporate design can have a corporate character. This is a permanent character, an image used in communication with the target audience. This can be a person, a cartoon, a drawn character, an animal, etc. A corporate character should be endowed with some features that the company seeks to include in its image. It allows you to highlight the company and convey some of the main features of its image, making it more understandable.

How to Build a Great Corporate Design for Your Business?

Corporate design development is a serious process consisting of several stages. Yes, unfortunately, you can’t sit down and craft it in a couple of hours. It does require time, effort and money.

  • Get prepared

At this stage, you should collect and analyze all the information available.  on the activities of the company, features of goods and services, strategic development of the company and its prospects. There should be a lot of attention paid to the analysis of the main competitors, and to the target audience. The purpose of the preparatory phase is to find the distinguishing features of the company.


  • Idea generation

When you have all the information needed, the strategy and concept of corporate identity are determined. This is a collection of ideas and corporate identity images.

  • Visuals

 Now your brand needs to select colors, fonts, symbols or graphic objects and create the first sketches.

  • Logo

When creating a logo, try to be bright, concise, and attractive. It is recommended to order all elements of corporate design from a single studio or designer. This will greatly simplify the task of designers.

  • Brand book

All the nuances of using corporate identity are introduced here, with examples and rules. In the future, the brand will be able to take advantage of the company's management, other advertising companies, and company employees. Most often, it is quite a challenge to create it on your own, so there are several options to use:

  1. Inbound design team. If the amount of work is large, then you can hire a full-time designer or a team of designers. However, if you do not have a specific project for your team, it may turn out that you will pay them for doing nothing;
  2. This option is more affordable and more flexible, also, at the end of the project, you don’t have to worry about extra overhead. Nevertheless, the option with a freelancer will be successful only if you know exactly what you are striving for and can explain your vision to them. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of time developing the concept and design that might not suit you;
  3. Design agencies. If you need a turnkey project, then you should contact a design agency.


Corporate design is one of the most crucial concepts in the business world. Now that you know what corporate identity is and how to create it, you are halfway to developing your own corporate style, that will not only faithfully reflect your brand, but will also have a long-term impact upon your audience.

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