Email Marketing

Still wondering how to promote your cannabis business? Learn about email marketing – a perfect tool to boost your customer base and increase sales!

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is not just about sending letters to your customers or subscribers with requests and offers. This is a strategy of retaining and attracting the target audience, the ability to establish communication with customers in a new way. Eager to learn more about this type of marketing in the cannabis industry and get to grips with the main tricks? Scroll down and become an expert!

What is Email Marketing?

First of all, it is worth remembering that Email marketing is not a newsletter, but a strategy. A newsletter is part of marketing or one of its tools. Email marketing is a strategy to attract customers and potential buyers by interacting with them via email. Use your database of email addresses to write to people who have given prior consent to receive feedback from you. The main features and benefits of email marketing are:

  • You can build your own customer database and inform them in a convenient way;
  • You can build a relationship with customers;
  • This is an inexpensive way to advertise effectively;
  • You can call for action from subscribers (orders, applications, comments, download materials and more);
  • You are able to automate the process of communication with the audience;
  • Being able to divide your audience into segments according to their needs and your capabilities.

Reasons Why Email Marketing is Essential for Your Cannabis Business

Email newsletters still remain a highly effective channel for communication and interaction with your target audience. This method is not new – marketers have been using it for many years to establish relationships with customers. Although some experts have been predicting the decline of the email marketing era for many years, it still brings huge profits to cannabis-related firms. What will a great email marketing campaign bring you?

  • More effective brand promotion

Email marketing is a useful tool for increasing the effectiveness of your overall marketing plan. Using it in conjunction with other methods of promotion provides increased recognition and trust, generates applications and increases your return on investment. It brings in business because of it:

  1. Is a direct communication channel with your target audience;
  2. Establishes a long-term relationship between the brand and the client.
  3. Reaches all segments of the target audience.
  4. Strengthens relationships with regular customers.
  5. Increases customer loyalty and creates a group of regular subscribers.
  • Effective targeting

Email, as well as targeted advertising, allows you to customize the advertising message sent to users more accurately. When subscribing to a newsletter people are often asked for a lot of information. This is captured into your CRM database. Thanks to this, you know a lot of information about who is receiving your email and can personalize it accordingly. Statistics show that personalized emails have an average clickthrough rate that is 14% higher and generates 10% more conversions than a general mail.

  • Increased engagement

Looking at the long term, email marketing brings many benefits to the company:

  1. You can pursue a retarget of old customers;
  2. It builds relationships and increases loyalty;
  3. The conversion process is accelerated;

In addition, by implementing automated trigger letters that are sent in response to particular actions customers take, the overall level of engagement with your entire customer base is increased.

  • Large field for testing

Modern email marketing tools allow you to create almost anything from a newsletter to an invitation to a reminder. You can test various strategies, methods or technologies on different segments of your database. Thanks to analytics and accurate segmentation, you can find out how the subscriber reacts to these. Have an idea? Create a new email campaign for the most loyal subscribers and after receiving feedback, you can scale-up the strategies that work.

When Your Cannabis Business Needs Email Marketing

No matter if you are just about to launch your services or if you have a well-established cannabis business, you should always strive to increase your customer base. More customers equal more profits. Your business can use email marketing to do the following:

  • First connection

Initially, the user knows little about your company. This is an opportunity to send a letter with a greeting and a story about who you are and what you are doing. Letters of appreciation in response to the purchase of the first goods or services are also used by marketers to establish the first connection and make a good impression on the potentially loyal customers.

  • Announcement letters

Emails that report an event, news, or special deal. For example, if you decide to run a promotion. In this type of letter, you should put an emphasis on the information itself and not on advertising anything else.

  • Advertising letter

A letter that focuses on direct sales of a specific product or product range.

  • Autoresponders (triggers)

A series of custom messages are sent out in response to user actions. Most often this mechanism works as follows: the user subscribes to your company’s newsletter, and you send him several letters with information useful to him at preset intervals after he subscribes.

  • Information letter

A letter with interesting information for the user. It is similar to the autoresponders but the first step on the part of the user is not required as they have already subscribed. This email will increase loyalty to your cannabis business because you will be seen as providing good information and being an expert.

It is very important that the letter is designed for viewing on a desktop and on a mobile device. About 43% of users open emails from a mobile device and this figure is growing. It is important that illustrations and blocks of texts flow on all devices and nothing looks like it is out of place.

How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find an ideal platform without testing a few first. Each platform has its own peculiarities and each business needs something specific. You may also want to try to combine services and experiments. You may want to use multiple services and analyze the outcomes and conversion rates. You can also use several different platforms for different segments of users, analyze the results and see what each of them brings to your cannabis business. The most popular and reliable platforms are:

  • Mailchimp

The most popular mailing list service in the world, Mailchimp, sets the trends in email marketing and has all other services chasing after it. It can do almost everything: segment, create chains, collect large amounts of user data, design letters, and other common features.

  • Getresponse

The service specializes not only in email newsletters – Getresponse has several functions that will simplify many processes. For example, it is a platform that can also be used for conducting webinars and creating landing pages. The first option is perfect as you can notify subscribers about the webinars in email newsletters. If you want to build your subscription database, the Landing Page Editor will be just the way. Create some kind of manual in the form of a pdf, design a page for it using the editor and offer the manual in exchange for the user’s email addresses.

  • Unisender

There is nothing fancy about the functionality of Unisender. It’s a straightforward mailing platform that offers different templates, automation, integration with other services, user segmentation and analytics. The most unusual and useful feature, especially for beginners, is the ability to consult with Unisender for troubleshooting, or even get them to do some of the work for you. The good thing about this is that this work will be performed by real specialists and not by robots.

Choosing the Right Format for Your E-Mail Marketing Message

Email marketing which is based on blindly sending emails to a randomly collected contact database is spam and really does not have a future. Today, marketing must be approached professionally with attention paid to details and each and every word. Success should be built on well-planned content and graphics. Mychron Extracts say that cutting edge email templates and UX design with promotion notifications bring them much more sales and increase engagement rate in comparison to usual emails, which only work as a reminder to their customers. The original design is an important aspect of email marketing. A great future is predicted for automated follow-up emails where additional emails are sent depending on the action of the reader. In addition to the message being sent out the email has its own functionality.

This prediction does not mean you have to drop everything and start developing a complex email marketing system with a built-in carousel of goods and a shopping basket. However, if you do want to introduce an innovation like this into the email marketing strategy of your cannabis business, make sure that you test it thoroughly first.

Elementary analysis of your audience and the development of an email marketing idea that is suitable for your audience will definitely help sales and promotion. This should be the base on which you build your email marketing strategy. You can then experiment with design, content, and planning before diving into complex automation.

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