Importance of creative interior design for the dispensaries


A marijuana dispensary is a store that sells cannabis to people for their medical or recreational needs. In recent years, about thirty-four states in the USA have decriminalized marijuana use and have legalized the sale for either medical or medical and recreational purposes. That is why there are a lot of new cannabis stores popping up frequently.

The location of the dispensary is very important but even more important is its ambience and this is hinged on the interior design employed. Stay tuned to learn why investing in the interior design of your dispensary is necessary and how it might impact your business. 

Why is it important to consider interior design for your dispensary?

A picture of drugs on the shelves of dispensary.
Design comprises not olny the right choice of colors but also space management.

Interior design is not just about color coordination, wallpapers and decoration. It rather solves the problems associated with space management and it proffers the best, aesthetically pleasing solutions to it. The interior design also has a direct impact on the safety and the functionality of the space. The main focus when choosing the right interior for your dispensary is the customer and how the design affects the user experience.

Moreover, it is important to put into perspective your location and target audience while choosing the best design for the interior of your dispensary.

In addition, getting the license and other things should not discourage you from investing in dispensary interior because that is mostly what will seal the customer’s perspective of your brand. There is never too much to invest in the interior because, in the long run, it will pay off. 

Things to take into account when designing the dispensary

Having a creative interior design for your store is great but it is quite a challenge to determine, which design to go with if you do not consider some crucial points.

  • Examine your demographics

This should be the first and the most important step to take. This is due to the demographics of the state, town or community where your dispensary is located should affect the type of interior designs put in place. For example, in towns where the people are of middle class and income is not as high end as in other places, customers will prefer a dispensary that suits and appeals to their normal retail experience. For places with college students and young adults, the style should be trendier and funkier than compared to places where the average age is fifty.

  • Same experience

Your dispensary should allow the customers to experience the same and normal retail experience they are used to. The experience should not be very different from that experienced in other business, say a jewelry store. Some people’s perception of a marijuana business is that it is a shady and seedy venture, but this is not true, therefore the experience should be made seamless and transparent as possible. It is therefore very important to make sure the designs put into place do not look mystical but designs that people can relate to it.

  • The checking in and checking out space

The checking in and out of customers before and after visiting a dispensary is very important because it is illegal to sell marijuana to people under 21. The space for this should be provided and the ambience should be one that is friendly and inviting.

  • Waiting and relax area

This is a crucial thing to note while designing the interior of your dispensary. The waiting area should be one that allows customers to wait their turn without having to queue. Moreover, it should be warm, inviting and appealing. The key point here is that area should still promote the products you offer visually. The waiting area can also have magazines and other materials that are relevant to the particular dispensary.

  • Product packaging

It is also a vital aspect which should be considered when designing the interiors of your dispensary. Poorly packaged products in a beautiful interior will be out of place and this can reflect negatively on the brand. It is therefore important to present the products in an aesthetic and pleasing manner.

  • Consistency

There should be consistency in the experience promised to the customers on the Internet (website and social media accounts) with what they actually experience physically. Nowadays, before buying something, everyone is googling it to get a proper understanding of the brand. Therefore, strive to blend the digital experience of your potential customer with the physical representation. 

Building a compelling cannabis brand through creative dispensary design

A picture of a dispensary.
Dispensary design may influence the way people percieve cannabis products.

Marijuana dispensary design has taken to heart the assumption that great design forms human reflection. A creative design might assist in building trust in your cannabis brand

The dispensary original interior design gives a unique chance to change the perception of cannabis by implementing a design-forward way to every regard of the store's atmosphere and consumer experience. Concentrating on constructing safe, flexible conditions while providing buyers an educational experience will definitely boost your brand awareness. Custom display cases with:

  • illuminating shelves
  • intense, harmonious colors
  • natural materials
  • bright lighting 

These elements are supposed to work together to form a sense of welcome and relax.

Cannabis dispensary design should incorporate all of the components of great retail design while addressing the individual display and assistance challenges faced by the cannabis industry. Interior designers have risen to the challenge and are creating engaging designs that combine such materials as:

  • reclaimed wood
  • natural stone
  • industrial lighting

In this way, dispensaries are supposed to have more visitors and profits while remaining the places where people can not only buy something but simply relax and educate themselves.

In addition, creative and catchy design is necessary if you want to:

  1. Improve the customer’s experience. A good customer experience is vital because it would help to promote your brand. A customer who had a good experience is more likely to recommend your dispensary to others and this will boost sales.
  2. Promote an effective workflow. A well-designed dispensary will help to provide a safe and effective workflow in the dispensary. When a dispensary is designed well, it reduces or eliminates the clumsiness, and this enhances the customer’s experience.
  3. Stand out from competitors. Cannabis stores pop up daily. That is why you should be unique to get additional clients. Creative design is a perfect way to gather excellent clients’ feedback even if you have some other issues (no loyalty program, etc.)

The great examples to follow

A man is standing on the dispensary background.
You can always use the ideas that have been used by other the retail dispensaries.

Here are some of the greatest examples of creative design in the cannabis retail space as for today.

Silverpeak Apothecary in Aspen, CO

Colorado was the first state to pass recreational use regulations and claims some of the most creative dispensary designs in the cannabis industry. Silverpeak compares its design to a Sonoma winery. This space is upscale but relaxed and highlights excellent natural accents, wood display cases, and bright lighting. They were able to create a friendly and encouraging environment where customers fancy hanging out after making a purchase. This location has cozy chairs, and a variety of books and music to enjoy, as well as display cases of merchandise on the perimeter.

Serra in Portland, OR

Serra's construction is clean, smooth and simplistic. Triangular prism-topped cases deftly display goods together with smoking accessories comparable to miniature, elegantly designed greenhouses. Neat small commodity information shadow boxes look to be taken out of a high-end gallery. 

New England Treatment Access (NETA) in Brookline, MA

This is one of the latest entries into the recreational cbd space in Massachusetts. Located in a well-known former bank building, the original design maintains the authentic look and touch but with contemporary updates. The spacious and lofty interior highlights the next interior elements:

  • ascend blue domical ceiling
  • wide stone floor
  • huge columns
  • a wood veranda
  • high arched windows

All together it makes this store a compelling place to visit even if you are not a fan of cannabis.

From fashionable, smooth and functional, to complete luxury, these cannabis dispensary spots are combining all the greatest components of local design. Spacious upscale looks form an entirely different way to retail while assisting in changing the understanding of cannabis into an upscale experience for customers. As more states approaching legalization, cannabis businesses are forced to incorporate creative designs to take this industry to new levels ultimately strengthening the buyer's experience.

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