Improving your multi-channel campaigns in the cannabis industry


The cannabis industry faces a lot of hurdles in the current marketplace. With restrictions bordering on obsessive, most advertising platforms will not let you post ads for your cannabis company. This makes creating email campaigns and physical materials for in-person marketing lucrative, but social posts are still able to grow organically. Even owning a medical dispensary still has its limitations.

Normally, a multi-channel marketing approach is about bringing your business to wherever your customers are, from messaging apps to their private social media channels to the billboards on their way to work.

With the United States operating under a multilevel government, at federal and state levels, advertising can be a difficult task for cannabis businesses. Even though more than 30 states have passed some sort of marijuana legalization, the usual big ad methods aren’t thrilled to host ads for the industry.

Keep reading to learn how you can improve your marketing with working approaches to advertise your cannabis business.

The constant fight cannabis companies face in Social Media Marketing

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To benefir from using SMM, you should follow some specific rules.

Simply because you operate a business in the cannabis industry, you’ll end up frustrated that you cannot use the most common channels for advertising. Not being able to advertise through Facebook and Google is a huge hindrance. Your ability to be known as the industry leader will be limited because there’s simply no straightforward way to reach the number one spot on Google.

Even working with influencers poses a risk. The influencer could, at any time, be banned for their relationship with you. As a third party, their ads could be perceived as promoting your sales or contact info. They could be banned, instantly losing their own hard-earned following. With no warning, no prior contact or messaging, just blocked and deleted content, often with no hope for any sort of recourse. So, what are you supposed to do?

There are quite a few strategies you can employ to ensure that your business still sees growth, both in organic following and sales by building brand reputation and recognition. Here are five strategies your canna-business can use:

  • Playing by the rules

Hands are holding words in the air.
Follow the rules and you will get profit from social media marketing.

Branded social media accounts are totally welcome if you stick to these strict guidelines:

  • Include a disclaimer; i.e. “You must be 18+ to follow this account”.
  • Never post any sort of content related to the sale of your product.
  • Do not make use of the direct ‘Contact Us’ tab, even though it’s provided as a feature of your business account.
  • In general, it’s best to avoid claiming any benefits to use of your product, medical or otherwise.
  • Advocate for legalization through detailed, educational reviews of products.
  • Do not post your address or contact details in any way.
  • Direct people to your website, even to the contact info page.
  • As the social media sites constantly update their terms and conditions, it’s your job to stay as up to date as possible.


  • Connect with your followers

Make use of the engagement analytics you’re provided by the social media platforms. Connect directly with your fans and keep your engagement high, and growing!

Build on the relationships you already have, find fans that comments on everything. Comment back, keep them engaging with your brand, your biggest fans will definitely see this. Growing your organic reach can be hard, but if you employ a lot of ingenuity to nurture your relationships with your fans, these fans can turn into your biggest advocates. Through commenting and engaging with your other followers, these super fans have the potential to grow your business virally.

  • Branding, Branding, Branding

Did we say branding? With so many businesses and new products popping up daily, marijuana related business is quickly becoming very mainstream.

Pay close attention to your brand, ensure it stands out from the crowd with a unique, eye-catching logo – avoid the 4/20 cliché. Ensure you’ve got the best website in the business, with quality content and SEO optimization. If pictures say 1000 words, videos must say 1,000,000; upload quality video content as regularly as you can. 

Connect with your followers by having some product swag with your branding so you can have walking billboards. Making use of traditional paper brochures and fliers is still a great way to engage with fans, too. You can provide a lot of information in a flier, making you a go to as the subject matter expert. Ensuring your brand is memorable, recognizable, and personable is key to continuously boost customer loyalty.

An image if cannabis products.
Cannabis products look the same, so you should stand out with branding.

  • Buy advertising space where you can 

Facebook’s high level of control may not let you advertise openly, but there are a ton of media sites with a well-connected user base that do. Highly active sites include:

  • Mantis
  • Leafly
  • Weedmaps
  • TheCannabist
  • TheWeedBlog
  • HighTimes

But keep in mind that these sites come with the traditionally high advertising costs that come with monthly rented ads. Starting around $500, these sites can charge upwards of $5,000, for one location! Playing in the big leagues requires big investments.

  • SEO is everything

The data out there is innumerable. SEO works, but it’s constantly changing. Search engine optimization can turn an average site into the most trafficked website in your space.

With the roadblocks you face with social media marketing channels, it’s a no-brainer to make use of organic website marketing. It will likely play the most crucial role in your advertising efforts. By providing a space dedicated to your brand and business, you can continue to gain credibility and see growth for your marijuana business in this digital age. Some of the best tactics used in SEO today are:

  1. Proper keyword researches. Choosing the right keywords can open up a new niche or sink your business in the flood of cannabis companies.
  2. Optimization of your meta-data, a simple update to your alt texts and image titles improves the search engine indexing.
  3. ORIGNAL, keyword rich content, unique content gives credibility to the voice behind the brand.
  4. Mobile friendly pages, face it, we’re all on our phones, and often we find new business by uses our phones, your site must look perfect on the average mobile device

Your SEO strategy can be the driving force behind qualifying your business on search engines and increase your search traffic drastically

Make use of outdoor ads for your cannabis company

A billboard with a CANNABIS sign.
Outdoor advertising attracts customers more than other channels.

Outdoor advertising is one of the leaders in attracting customers in any commercial activity. It is extremely important to pay maximum attention to this type of advertising if you are striving to grow your company and expand your list of clients. Outdoor advertising helps to increase profitability for both companies that are already entrenched in the market, and businesses that are just starting out. If you have a start-up company, it is crucial for you to make an excellent first impression on the client. Your first impression directly depends on the quality of outdoor advertising, because the first thing a client sees in this case will be your billboard or lightbox ad. If your business is well-known already, then creative advertising will help revive interest in your products or services and attract new customers. 

It covers different target audiences, which allows you to find your client. There is a large selection of advertising structures that can satisfy any needs of your company: light boxes, billboards, media screens, etc. Advertising of products can be made in different sizes and colors, various unique shapes. It brings great opportunities for creating a catchy and creative ad. 

In addition, outdoor advertising can be a reflection of corporate identity. Thus, the original approach in the manufacture of your ad will be only a merit.

High-quality outdoor advertising has several advantages:

  • Durable
  • Well remembered
  • Not annoying
  • It stands out among competitors
  • Emphasizes your image

High-quality outdoor advertising will always increase customer loyalty, which in turn adds to your profits and ROI.

The bottom line

These strategies are some of the most effective ways to continue to grow your business in this increasingly regulated market. Becoming the number one industry leader is uniquely challenging for the cannabis entrepreneur. You face a steep learning curve by even stepping into the industry, make sure your business is prepared by having the right content on the right channels.

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