Looking for a new marketing channel to increase your brand awareness? Read on and find out how indoor ad can help you out!

Indoor Advertising

What is Indoor Advertising?

Many novice entrepreneurs underestimate the potential of indoor advertising. Indoor advertising refers to all types of media that are installed on the premises, such as:

  • Promotional stands;
  • Banners;
  • Signboards;
  • Posters and stickers;
  • Shields and pillars;
  • Lightboxes;
  • Digital screens.

Why Indoor Advertising is Vital for Your Cannabis Business

Many large cities with shopping or entertainment centers attract a huge number of visitors and present an important advantage to increase brand awareness due to the large coverage of various audiences. Indoor advertising has the following perks:

  • Indoor advertising is always placed in places where a large number of people are ready for shopping;
  • Digital screens in the rooms allow for broadcasting of video clips with audio sound, which is impossible to achieve on the street;
  • Indoor ad objects are installed in crowded places to guarantee to reach many potential customers;
  • The ability to accurately direct advertising messages, as each type of indoor advertising is presented in the place where the target audience is located. For example, cannabis brands can be advertised in pharmacies.

Thus, an indoor marketing channel is a great way to reach a great audience coverage and boost brand awareness of your cannabis brand.

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