Messenger Marketing

Do you have no clue what messenger marketing is? Read this article and discover how messenger marketing helps cannabis businesses reach the top.

Messenger Marketing

Every marketer knows that email marketing has great conversion rates and drives quite a lot of leads for many industries, including the cannabis business; by having interesting, interactive content, as well as beautifully designed templates. However, today there exists a new rising trend — messenger marketing, which is believed to be a great alternative to email marketing. Want to learn what is it and how beneficial it can be to your cannabis company? Keep reading.

What Is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger marketing is an alternative to classic email marketing. It appeared a few years ago, but in 2017, it began to be considered as a full-fledged communication channel between cannabis businesses and their customers. 2017 was a turning point in the history of this tool; bot platforms appeared on many services, including Facebook and Viber (Viber and Telegram even have internal functions for paying for goods). Why is this a promising replacement for regular mail, you ask? People are more accustomed to using online messenger services by the day! They are a convenient channel for quick communication with relatives, colleagues, and anyone else that is on the platform. If you learn to use these services wisely and accurately, as your audience approaches the brand, the distance between buyers and your company will be just about 1 quick message!

6 Benefits of Adopting Messenger Marketing to Your Cannabis Business

Given that messenger marketing has not yet become a saturated niche, generating the content, with its own characteristics, will only increase its benefits in 2020. This is a promising direction of promotion for companies whose marketing budgets are modest. Here are six benefits of messenger marketing for your cannabis-related business:

  1. Direct connection

You can’t say the same about social media marketing, where receiving a message or getting to see a post depends on algorithms. In messaging platforms, you write a guaranteed delivery of your message to your audience and can get direct feedback. A person has many choices: read the message, follow the link, ask a question, get acquainted with the offer, or even leave a review. Again, communication is instant, benefiting both your business and your audience.

  1. A way to reconnect with a visitor who left your site

You can rely on messenger marketing not only as a sales funnel, but to also remind your audience about your brand beyond the borders of your website; To focus the attention of a target audience, making individual messages and offers to them.

  1. Opportunity to instantly report on important events

People often want to receive notifications about a sale, the arrival of a new product or collection, or the readiness of their order. You can do so instantly via a messaging platform.

  1. Another channel for obtaining customer information

You can learn many niche facts about your customers and audience, where they work, what kind of education they are fond of, when they celebrate their birthday — not only from accounts on social networks but immediately in the messenger. A prime example is Facebook Messenger.

  1. Messenger marketing works better and faster than email

Everyone is tired of email spam, so the opening and response rates to emails are low. A message received in a messenger platform is perceived as personal; therefore, it has a higher open rate, reach, and response from the audience. It’s faster and easier to open an instant message than an email box. Thus, the efficiency is higher; 4 times the open rate, and 10 times the click-through rate.

  1. Messengers now get more user attention than social networks

According to statistics, people are choosing messenger platforms for business communication more than ever. The reason is the high speed of communication and the lack of the concentration of spam and advertising that is seen on social media.



Reasons Why You Should Consider Messenger Marketing

You can’t just take marketing tricks that work in social networks, mailing lists or content promotion, and transfer them to messengers. Unfortunately, there are only a few who want to receive news about the corporate life of a brand, read long posts or get acquainted with a fascinating but clumsy story in the spirit of storytelling. Efficiency and direct communication with users suggest that instant messages should be as short and concise as possible. The purpose of the newsletter is to quickly talk about something (new, promotions, product benefits) so intriguing that a person becomes interested and gets into the first round of a sales funnel. It would be naive to believe that instant messengers should be used for direct sales, although such an option is possible, as we will see later. These platforms can be used to raise awareness about the product, to generate demand for a product or service, and to work out any objections. The secret is that messengers, unlike email, are not heavily marketed yet. Therefore, the information coming through this channel is better absorbed by the audience. The cannabis industry is increasingly focusing on messenger marketing. For example, MedMen, a cannabis retailer, says that messenger marketing helps them to achieve:

  • Higher ROI;
  • More positive connections with their buyers. Of course, only if the message is useful and brings something useful;
  • Instant dialogue with their customer;
  • Better segmenting of the target audience, deeper market research, and interactive surveys.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips You Should Use

While there are a lot of other social networks and messengers, businesses usually prefer to implement their marketing strategies using Facebook. Its messenger is not the most popular among young people, but it has many advantages that cannabis businesses are actively using. First, serious business is going into this network, including one focused on international communication. Second, in terms of functionality and technical components, this messenger is in many ways superior to competitors. It can be used as a form of customer feedback. A variety of templates are provided — messages with buttons for active actions, links, or a carousel of goods. With their help, a company will be able to create optimized mailings with just a couple of touches. The downside is that it focuses primarily on Facebook users. The following tips will help you quickly get used to the messenger and turn it into a powerful tool to attract loyal customers.

  • The speed of response is vital

Since the distinguishing feature of messengers is live communication, make sure that users receive replies quickly. You can set up automatic responses using bots. In a nutshell, stay in touch with your buyers promptly.

  • Personalize your communication

A customer who has already made a purchase from your company can be informed of related products. It is possible to take into account their interests to customize individual recommendations.

  • Track the history of correspondence with your target audience

For example, if a person previously left a negative review that he had to wait too long for delivery, let him know when this shortcoming will be corrected. Keep track of the questions and concerns that people have with the brand and improve your product based on this information.

  • Do not give up after the first failure

Often companies refuse to go on with messenger marketing if they receive a negative response or effect from their actions — or no response at all from their audience. Try again; adjust the offer, the format of the message, and the benefits for the audience. Take care and put yourself into your audience’s perspective, what might their thoughts be on receiving your business’ message?

  • Use the tools and technological advantages of the platform

Establish a presentable design for your account, since often the book here is judged by its cover.

  • Filter outbound content

Assess the content of a message for its importance and value for customers. Gather a focus group that will help to evaluate impartially whether such a message or newsletter is needed for the client.

  • Leave your users the freedom of choice

There is no need to set obstacles to block or unsubscribe from your brand messages.

Does Your Business Need Messenger Marketing?

Today, messenger platforms are an integral part of everyday communication. This can be used to promote your cannabis-related business, as messages reach users instantly and, unlike most email newsletters, are read. Your business acquires convenient services and tools for marketing. Why not implement a messenger marketing plan today? The audience is huge, it is growing daily faster than social networks and has not been congested with branded content and advertising. It is important to correctly choose the format of promotion and invent original methods of presenting your business’ information. Then any messenger platform can become an effective marketing channel for you.

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