Still think that PR and advertising are the same tools? Learn why they are different and why applying PR tools will help establish a positive brand reputation!

Public Relations

What is PR?

Sometimes PR (Public Relations) is confused with advertising, but it is different. Advertising convinces the customer to buy a product, but PR provides information that allows buyers to evaluate the company on their own. Moreover, PR is aimed at establishing a long-term connection with your target audience, by making it loyal. In a nutshell, PR is all about crafting a positive brand reputation.

Why PR matter?

PR is often considered to be an instrument of large corporations. As a result, small and medium-sized cannabis companies do not even think of building public relations. PR lets you connect with your audience by forming a community of people who share your values. These new customers will become a loyal audience who will understand why they are buying the product from you. These customers are easier to retain, and they themselves will become brand ambassadors.

Other functions in public relations include helping to attract investment. The investor will see a publicized investment as a "quality mark".


Finally, one of the most important merits of PR is that the conversion rate for the PR approach is 10-50 times higher than that for advertising.

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