You have heard about SEO but still have no idea of how it might help your cannabis business? Learn how to use SEO to increase traffic and drive new leads.


Nowadays, using search engines like Google is common before consumers purchase items on the Internet. What makes some websites appear first and others get somewhere on the bottom of the list when no one sees them? The answer is SEO. Want to learn how it affects your cannabis business? Stay tuned!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to improve the quality of your website in terms of search engine algorithms and accelerate the promotion of queries in the TOP-10 on the first page of search results for the keyword or phrase. You may be curious why your website should be in the TOP-10? The answer is simple, 90 percent of users only go through the first page. In other words, if a website does not load into the TOP-10 upon request, then your prospective customers will not go to the site which means that your sales will not increase.

The task of SEO optimization is to adapt your cannabis website to the requirements of search engines. The main problem is the creation of the correct page structure for search and content that will appeal to both users and search engines. This applies to any type of promotion: website promotion for traffic, regional website promotion, online store promotion, and landing page promotion.

A serious problem of SEO is the constant variability of search algorithms and factors. An interesting fact is that Google tests up to 1,500 new factors during the year, but not each one goes live. SEO specialists have to monitor the situation and adapt new SEO techniques from time to time.

Reasons Why Your Cannabis Business Absolutely Needs SEO

Modern online advertising has almost unlimited possibilities for promoting any product. The most common ones are contextual and banner advertising, website promotion using SEO, mailing lists, teaser networks, etc. Each of the methods is effective in its own way. However, if you want to attract as many customers as possible, SEO optimization is the best option in terms of quality and costs. Let's figure out why.

  1. SEO promotion is the most economical way to promote a resource

The average monthly budget for SEO will be at least half the price than contextual ads: 2–3 times lower than in Social Media Marketing (SMM). Banner advertising is not only more expensive but also has a lower targeted focus which reduces its effectiveness. Thus, using search engine optimization, you can lower a full-fledged advertising campaign budget significantly.

  1. You decide how much to spend on website promotion

Another plus is that you can create an expense policy by yourself; that is, plan the costs of website promotion in accordance with your budget. As for contextual advertising, in order to attract customers, you need to pay a certain price which depends on the search engine and the market in which you operate. As a result, the cost of contextual ads is usually higher.

  1. Investing in website development

Optimization and website promotion are not only more profitable from a financial point of view but also a more appropriate investment. Unlike other ad tools, SEO is always an investment in a site and its development. The tasks of professional SEO promotion include the quality filling of the resource, then search for the elimination of all technical errors of the site, increasing the convenience for users, etc. Unlike SEO, contextual ad, for example, involves the purchase and placement of text messages in search and on other sites.

  1. SEO will work for you for a long time

If you run out of money and turn off paid ads, expect a decrease in the number of visitors. Another advantage of website promotion through SEO is inertia. If currently, you cannot invest in optimization, the results in the TOP-10 will remain high.

  1. Users used to trust natural search results

The psychological aspect is also important. Many users do not believe in advertising. Accordingly, contextual messages may not reach their recipients. Thanks to competent SEO promotion, the information will not cause irritation for customers, as they find what they are looking for. SEO is a powerful traffic generator, as searching for cannabis goods and services on the Internet is perhaps the first thing any user resorts to when they need them.

  1. Don’t put off SEO until tomorrow

Thus, SEO is a long-term investment. Of course, stage-by-stage optimization will not provide you with a quick effect; however, investments in the development and promotion of the site will give stable and long-term results. This is painstaking work that will bear fruit over time.

SC Labs say that effective and regular optimization of a corporate website helped them to survive in difficult times of crisis, increase the flow of visitors, and, accordingly, the overall revenue. After all, the main advantages of SEO promotion are profitability, long-term results, user trust, and loyalty.

Vital SEO First Steps for a New Website

If you are just about to launch your website or launched it recently, there are some steps to take towards the successful SEO of your cannabis company. From the point of view of SEO, a new website is a site that is less than 1 year old; this is not only a domain name but also the site that it is located on. Carrying out a technical audit is one of the first and obligatory steps in SEO to promote a young site. As a part of the technical audit, the following is carried out:

  • Analysis of program code for errors
  • Eliminate duplicate content
  • Configuring the correct 301 redirects
  • URL setting
  • Analysis of site loading speed
  • Mobile download accuracy
  • Layout correctness analysis
  • Analysis of system files (robots.txt / sitemap.xml)

The structure of your website is one of the most important stages in preparing the SEO of a new site for promotion. When developing, the structure must be guided by:

  1. Competitor analysis in your niche
  2. Project semantic core data
  3. Simplicity for the user (the structure and nesting of catalog pages should be intuitive)

Regardless of whether the project has already been launched and is preparing for advancement, or the advancement preparation takes place at the site development stage, this is a mandatory stage that requires detailed study. As a rule, even if the website has already been launched and the structure has been created during the analysis, a lot of changes occur.

What Is SEO Content and Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Content is what all Internet marketing is built on. It doesn’t make sense to create content that is not interesting to anyone. There’s nothing worse than texts Google buries among thousands of search results. Even if a miracle happens and you manage to promote your mediocre content at the top, who will be interested in reading or sharing it? To prevent this, you need to make your texts to be SEO friendly. How to create content that will increase traffic and bring new loyal customers?

  • Write something unique

Producing unique content is impossible without original ideas, no matter how trite it may sound. Ideas should be non-trivial and able to make you think about what you read. Who would want, for the hundredth time, to repost an article on a topic that they had already read through six months ago?

  • Original titles

A catchy headline plays SEO at hand­—it is a well-known fact. A cool title in many respects decides the fate of the content: users will see it or not, it will have a good click-through rate or not. To enhance the effect, you can add keywords to the title in order to please both Google and users.

  • Structure is vital

Use headings and break text into paragraphs. It's simple: today almost no one reads anything from beginning to end. In order not to lose touch with the reader, you should think about the structure of the text. Google also draws attention to the structure of the text. How good the structure is will depend on how quickly the reader understands the main idea of ​​publication.

  • Links to credible sources

The link profile of the site is built not only through purchased links, registration in directories, and requests to refer to your resource. Link to other popular sites with a good reputation; your users will not have doubts about the credibility of your resource. In addition, Google will certainly say thank you for the help in fulfilling its mission— “To make all the information globally accessible and useful.”

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