Today, SMM is a game changer for any cannabis business. Learn how your company can boost its sales and marketing performance by applying SMM cutting edge tricks.


Social Media has taken our lives by storm. Not only has it become a source of entertainment, but it is now also a viable marketing channel for any cannabis business. Marketing specialists highlight SMM to be one of the most efficient ways to promote your company in the short run. Read on and find out how your cannabis business can increase sales and boost customer loyalty through different social media channels!

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the non-traditional marketing methods of promoting a cannabis business, by attracting a targeted audience from social networks, forums, web blogs to the website. SMM promotion is considered to be one of the most effective methods. Furthermore, research and studies on SMM show proof of this:

  • The average Internet user spends about 21 hours a week on social networks;
  • 85% of Internet users consider social networks as a source of information;
  • The number of users of social networks is more than 3.5 billion;
  • Over 70% of users of social networks interact with brands through discussions, surveys, contests;
  • Over 73% of marketers say social media helps their businesses grow.

Top Reasons Why SMM is Vital for Your Cannabis Business

Not every cannabis company is actively promoting itself today on social media. You may be thinking that SMM is not for you. However, before rejecting this opportunity, it makes sense to consider the specific benefits that you can get from using social networks to boost your brand awareness and ultimately sales. Key benefits of SMM: 

  • Search Engine Visibility Improvement

Social media is a relatively inexpensive method of digital marketing, which is often used specifically to improve visibility and online presence. Quality profiles in social networks are well ranked in search engines at the level of the main site and is a very important factor. As statistics show, before ordering a service or buying a product from a particular company, interested customers will use search engines to query and learn about the different brands on offer. The decision to purchase largely depends on what exactly the client sees after making their search query. Those cannabis companies whose profiles on the main social networks rank well in search engines according to brand queries, therefore, are at a distinct advantage This makes a much better impression on the potential client than the company’s website alone.

  • Significant Conversion Improvement

Genesis Grow Corp indicates that an interested client, searching for information on their cannabis company usually pays attention to the profiles in social networks. Their Brand profiles improve the loyalty of potential customers and increase the degree of trust and satisfaction. As a result, this leads to increased conversions. Being an open company that is not afraid to communicate with the community Genesis comes across significantly better and stronger than a company closed with information restricted to one main site. The first things that potential customers check on social networks are:

  1. Availability of reviews;
  2. The presence of responses to reviews (complaints, suggestions, etc.);
  3. The ratio of positive to negative reviews;
  4. Account activity;
  5. Number of subscribers;
  6. Whether the content is customer-oriented.

A competent SMM strategy and high-quality execution practically guarantee that potential customers will eventually gain a positive impression of the company which will support in improving the level of sales conversion.

  • More Inbound Traffic and Audience Expansion

If you do not use SMM, incoming traffic will be limited to traditional marketing channels that attract only a specific type of client. These are people who already know about your cannabis business or are looking for certain keywords in search engines that are known in advance. Social networks, however, are a melting pot in which there are people of various beliefs, professions, demographics, and behaviors, all of which have different needs, motivations and situations at a given time. In addition, the analysis of traffic and conversions from social networks will improve the marketing strategy as a whole. And, possibly, expand the business’ target audience.

The Best Social Media Channels for Your Cannabis Brand

Choosing the best social media channel, which will work for your company can be quite a challenge, especially if you are just about to launch a new business or establish a new branch of your existing company. However, the cannabis industry has its own rules and mainly uses several well-known social media platforms. Most notably these are:

  • Facebook

This social network brings together a solvent and demanding audience that appreciates quality and useful content. The largest number of people with higher education are concentrated here. Facebook sorts posts in the news feed according to two principles: the latest and the most popular. Popular posts include posts with a large number of likes and shares, as well as material paid by the advertiser. This should be taken into account when creating content. Facebook has provided ways to track the effectiveness of an SMM campaign. In addition to standard metrics, there is a Facebook pixel, which quickly transmits data about user behavior from the social network to your site.

  • Google +

This social network is useful to any business that has a website and promotes on the Internet. A corporate Google + account increases the clickability of your company’s ads in Google AdWords, improves the brand’s position in the most popular search engine, and helps speed up the indexing of new pages on your site.

On the Google + platform, you can segment your audience into circles and share useful content with them, post articles, audio and video files and arrange online broadcasts. SMM on Google+ is primarily aimed at improving the position of the site in the search engine.

  • Instagram

The most progressive social network that is developing rapidly and has billions of users. Its main feature is visual content, which is perceived ten times better than text. Instagram users show activity in the interaction between themselves and with commercial brands. SMM on Instagram works with tools such as high-quality and beautiful photos, hashtags, mass-following, and cross-posting.

  • Pinterest

The main type of content on this network is visual. Pinterest drives most of the traffic in comparison with other social platforms and is suitable for promoting goods, services and content. The only requirement is beautiful and high-quality images that really inspire and please people. Pinterest users react to the content exclusively emotionally and adding a product photo to their board signals a desire to purchase this item.

How to Measure the Results of Your SMM Campaign?

Working with social media platforms is a special type of business promotion that allows you to receive feedback from your customers. Promotion on the basis of social networks has several advantages:

  • Low price (you can start with minimal investment);
  • First, you work to create an image, then your image works for you;
  • Wide audience reach and the ability to carefully select targeted users.

Moreover, Facebook and Instagram allow targeted advertising: displaying advertisements to a target audience selected by criteria (gender, interests, place of residence, education, etc.). A separate advertisement will be displayed to each user group, united by a common criterion

However, it is vital to remember that each efficient SMM campaign should, first of all, begin with the formation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which directly depend on a set of selected metrics. Therefore, before starting the project it is very important to determine specific digital indicators that are crucial to your campaign and business. Here is a list of core KPI metrics frequently used in social media marketing:

  • Social network traffic;
  • Sales conversion;
  • Growth in the number of users and activities (likes, reposts);
  • Audience reach;

In the profile of your Instagram business account, it is recommended that you set a link to your website with a UTM tag in order to track site transitions and covers. Based on these metrics, it is recommended to monthly analyze these aspects, so you can compare with the indicators of previous months.

How to Craft an Effective Social Media Content

Launching an SMM campaign is not enough to attract leads and then convert them into loyal customers. To make people buy something, your cannabis company should offer something unique and catchy. That’s where well-drafted content comes in handy. To craft content that brings in customers, try to follow these simple tips:

  1. Create catchy headers. The headline should attract attention, forcing the user to pick out specifically your post amongst the many others in the news feed;
  2. Make the text easy to read. Add humor, if appropriate;
  3. Use calls to action: an invitation to discuss or express an opinion. It stimulates subscribers to comment, like and repost.
  4. Take care of visual appeal. Images should be posted using the corporate identity of the company. Use the ability to attach audio, video, a presentation where necessary;

Do not forget about hashtags that will attract targeted visitors to read your post.

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