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THC-infused drinks, CBD oil, capsules, vape juice, CBD hair care, and skincare products – every cannabis business owner knows that these are more than just empty buzzwords for the Millennial market. Here at Weedburg we have explored all the current trends of the cannabis business and have turned them inside out. We have figured out what works and what doesn’t, and we are ready to share our knowledge with you.

In an industry so new, yet already oversaturated with uninspired marketing strategies and visual approaches, Weedburg Space stands out with its unwavering commitment to uniqueness in advertising and authenticity in the brand message. Let’s bring creativity back to the table!

We’re problem-solvers, hardcore creatives, time travelers. We have boldly traveled through time to witness the future of cannabis market advertising, and we are bringing that future right here, right now.

The Cannabis Market According to Weedburg

Our award-winning agency is dedicated to erasing the widespread stigma associated with cannabis and its byproducts.

Cannabis has always faced an incredible amount of prejudice and negative bias, both in The United States and abroad. How do we move beyond this contentious history? As a cannabis business owner, you have already embraced the future, valuing the unprecedented rewards much more than the risks you’ve been warned you’ll encounter. FDA and FTC regulations still operate under old-school stigmas, limiting what your brand-new cannabis brand is able to say and show, citing lack of approved medical research to support CBD-related health claims. Still, the truth is that the research is out there, and has been out there for a long time.

The target audience is out there, too. This is the most exciting time to start your entrepreneurial adventure inside the cannabis market, find your niche, refine your vision and message, build an empire.

Fortunately, the steady legalization of medical marijuana and the emergence of the CBD industry have already advanced a new global consciousness – we’re here to do the rest. Creative advertising is our medium of choice, our contribution, our voice. Based in San Francisco and operating internationally, Weedburg boasts an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients around the world, which have all succeeded in bringing their vision to life with our intergalactic helping hand.

So, how does Weedburg Space work to ensure your cannabis business can achieve its highest potential?

Weedburg Can Help Your Cannabis Business Stand Out In 7 Easy Steps

A path to success

Our dynamic team of marketing specialists is more than just your run-of-the-mill team of employees. They are, first and foremost, SOLVERS. Weedburg’s job is to provide innovative business solutions that aim to tackle your business problems and drive practical results.

We offer full-service brand development, marketing analysis, premium design and content creation, ad campaign management, and much more. Weedburg’s SOLVERS are cannabis market champions: they know the industry inside out, understand its trends, the current advertising limitations, and future projections. They are prepared to confront challenges head-on with top-notch creativity and professionalism.

Our foolproof “7 stages” system is designed to kick-start your cannabis business journey, whether you are dealing with a startup or a rebrand project, and make sure the final product is as groundbreaking as your initial vision. And as we are getting ready to launch your business into out-of-this-world success, it’s only fitting we would make this a countdown.

  1. Brand Workshop

We begin our journey with the intense brainstorming and solid foundation your business deserves. Stage 7 will provide you everything you need to clear your mind and your path to the cannabis market stardom. What is your mission and core message? What makes you different from your competitors? Are there any competitors at all? These questions and more related insights will help you understand what your brand is all about, and what it can become once it’s had a chance to grow.

  1. Commercial Offer

Stage 6 is when you take the leap. We will provide you with a full breakdown of predicted results, a detailed map into how we will move forward, and a collection of tools to get started. A commercial offer is one of the most effective sales tools, so your profit directly depends on its quality, structure, and design. Unfortunately, a lot of managers and even business owners do not pay due attention to its compilation. Therefore, many entrepreneurs go bust because of this. And we can safely say this as business consultants because in our practice we see shocking results. Still want to continue your journey with us? Sounds like you’re ready for our next step.

  1. Research

Research is key, and during Stage 5, we will analyze your business like science. Competitor analysis, audience insights, related industry trends research, and a healthy dose of ambition. This is the stage that will open up possibilities you might have not considered before, and it might even reshape what you thought your cannabis brand was all about. You may embrace the change and expand your goals – we’ll still be here with you every step of the way.

  1. Brand Development

Your business has begun to form its identity, and Stage 4 will help you define it and present it to the masses. Brand development is essential for new products that seek to make a big statement about themselves. Moreover, brands are crucial for those companies who have developed spontaneously without a single communication strategy and image give to the consumers. It needs to be formed, to convey the main values ​​and messages of your business. In addition, cannabis industry is very competitive. Thus, if you are just thinking about penetrating the market, brand development will help you to stand out. For your business, a brand is an opportunity to better interact with the audience and add a certain value to products and services. Potential consumers have become extremely selective. Therefore, in our time, creating a brand is a matter of the survival of your products and services in the market.

Social media, website, email marketing, and more – we will discover the perfect platform for your message, create a strategy for your visual concept, and outstanding designs.

  1. Sales Development

It’s time to tackle the biggest challenges waiting for you in the sales world. Sales development is a concept that is difficult to find an exact definition. For some companies, a high-efficiency indicator might be 10 sales per month. For others, even 100 is a failure. In practice, effective sales development means that your employees systematically strive for maximum outcome in the existing conditions, and solve the key tasks of your business: increasing profits, capitalization, expanding production, etc.

We’ll create an ad-hoc business plan, use SWOT and ABC for in-depth analyses, and move from visual concept to conversions. If you don’t know what we are talking about, this is the step you need.

  1. Marketing Development

There is no business without marketing development. The activities of any successful cannabis-related company are so “tied” to marketing that any decision is made based on marketing department analysis. The lion's share of failures after starting a business is due to the fact that instead a novice entrepreneur is not engaged in how they will market their business.

Find your footing in the digital and offline world of today. Stage 2 is all about the ins and outs of digital marketing strategy, PR, ads, Influencers, and more. Your cannabis business will need the best of marketing to complement its flawless concept, design, and sales strategy – luckily, we are expert providers of that.

  1. Production

Finally, it’s time to start embodying your vision with top-notch quality content that will be seen around the world. The last stage revolves around producing the highest quality media, social, and written content to make your brand shine in its own unique way. We are ready for take-off!

Get in Touch Today and Join the Industry of The Future!

Your journey into the future of the cannabis market can be as long or as short as you want. Weedburg’s SOLVERS are here to answer any questions or doubts you might have, all within 24 hours from the first contact. You know what to do – get in touch.

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