What are the key elements of advertising in the CBD industry?


The CBD market is flourishing with no signs of slowing down. CBD is one of the fast-growing industries and it has become popular in the medical, cosmetic, food, and beverage industries. Financial analysts are positive that the sales in the CBD industry may hit 20 billion dollars by 2024. The strong market is delightful and promises entrepreneurs popularly known as 'cannapreneurs' good returns once they master the art of advertising CBD products effectively. However, advertising in the CBD industry can prove to be an uphill task due to its association with marijuana and the availability of marijuana-based CBD products.

Scroll down to find a detailed guide that will help you get your message out by using key elements of advertising to expand your CBD market reach.

Kickstart your digital marketing campaigns

A picture with the components of digital marketing channels.
There are restrictions regarding CBD marketing in social networks.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have stringent policies on CBD marketing. Facebook permits CBD advertisements on a limited basis while Twitter outrightly prohibits using the network to promote drugs and paraphernalia. However, sites like YouTube and LinkedIn are awash with marketing resources for CBD companies. Apart from these websites, you could consider digital marketing options listed below:

    • Use of online influencers

Don't think for a minute that influencer marketing is a phenomenon that was brought about by the millennial generation. Modern-day influencer marketing follows the principle where you use popular and trusted online personalities to recommend your products.

Online influencers have a good reputation in marketing due to the reasons stated below:

  1. 86 % of consumers worldwide use the internet to get buying tips.
  2. Influencer posts affect the buying decisions of 53% of women.
  3. 62% of millennials stay loyal to companies that engage their customers on social media.
    • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an effective marketing technique, and it works wonders in the plight of marijuana legalization. Affiliate marketers compensate marketing companies using a performance-based approach. The companies create quality advertising content for your site at a reduced cost and with minimum risk to your company.

Does it work? You may ask.

  1. Firstly, your CBD company has to find an affiliate marketing company or individual affiliate marketers then create a workable partnership agreement.
  2. The company or individual you have found then creates marketing content for your CBD products and posts them on their site.
  3. Any click on your CBD ad is recorded as a cookie on the marketer's computer.
  4. The consumer is then redirected to the official page of your CBD products.
  5. If a sale is made, the computer promptly calculates and sends a pre-determined commission to the affiliate marketer.
    • Podcast adverts 

Podcasts have been on the rise, with some even claiming that they have replaced morning playlists and radio shows. Podcasts are an effective way of creating CBD marketing content because you can tailor your content to fit the needs of the podcast's audience. Below are a few tips that could help you create effective podcast adverts for your CBD products:

  1. Find a topic that interests your market and dedicate your efforts to it.
  2. Tell people what your show is all about and what it aims to achieve.
  3. Buy, set-up, and test your equipment.
  4. Choose a publishing strategy for your podcast ads.
  5. Have an idea of whom you would like to join or feature in your show.
  6. Record the first episode.
  7. Edit the episode and test it.
  8. Ensure this episode is available to your clientele.
  9. Use other promotion avenues to boost the following if your podcast.
    • Native Advertising

Pictures with NATIVE ADS phrase on them.
It's simple to start the native ad campaign for a CBD business.

It’s a relatively simple form of advertisement. It involves branding your content to blends in with the platform where the advert is going to run. There are three forms of native advertising.

  • In-feed advertisements: They appear on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Recommendation links: These are recommended pages that you may see when you're reading an article or at the bottom of the article's page.
  • Promoted listings: Such advertising is prominent with Google ads.

Native advertising has two advantages for businesses looking for CBD marketing services:

  • Your products amass a notable following after relatively shorter periods.
  • You don't have to memorize the dynamic rules of digital CBD marketing since the marketing company does that for you.

On the other hand, CBD marketers are bound to their affiliate marketer's platform guidelines, which could be quite hectic, as the companies have to create content that matches the platform's audience needs.

Software such as Outbrain and Taboola are effective tools for native CBD advertising.

  • Video advertising

Video advertising has become quite pervasive, and many companies, large and small scale, have embraced this form of content creation. Video advertising may thrive for CBD businesses because:

    • U.S. citizens watch 75 million online videos every day.
    • YouTube, the leading video sharing platform, has over 1.8 billion users who translate into a third of all internet users.
    • More than half of American consumers watch online videos using phones.
    • Video content is quite popular with online marketers, with 87 percent of them using videos to promote their clients' products.
    • 80 % of online traffic is a product of internet video traffic.
  • CBD blogging

You don't have to pay for marketing services to raise the awareness of your new CBD product or to boost the sales of an existing one. Create a blog that's focused on issues relevant to the CBD industry is an effective strategy that you can use. You have to possess a natural desire to provide information about CBD related products. An excellent CBD blog provides answers to any question asked by your clients.

  • Offline advert delivery

Traditional advertising techniques are on the decline and almost disappearing. Many companies opt for online media, which offers more effective marketing solutions. However, this doesn't mean that offline or traditional advertising methods can't work. When combined with online resources, traditional advertising has invaluable benefits to your CBD business. Offline advertising has several advantages of its own that include:

  • It covers a broader scope in the context of exposure.
  • Traditional advertising is personal.
  • It's physically tangible.
  • Reaching new markets using traditional advertising methods is quite easy.

Advertisers in the CBD industry use traditional advertising methods such as outdoor advertising, and car braiding. Below is a description of how these techniques are used:

Outdoor advertising

Examples of outdoor adverts include:

  • Adverts in bus stops and public benches
  • Publishing advertisements on means of transportation such as buses
  • Adverts that are run in movie theatres
  • Billboards
  • Digital billboards
  • Mobile billboards


Billboards are quite popular, especially with cannabis-related ads. Marketers use them for:

  • Promotion of marijuana sales
  • CBD shops
  • Medical marijuana clinics
  • THC companies
  • Medical marijuana vendors

You may choose billboard advertising to:

  • Inform the target market of a shift in location
  • Inform your market on an upcoming grand opening
  • Share information about a new online location
  • Introduce new products

Car branding

A picture of the car with a logo on it.
Having a logo of your brand may attract thousands of impressions daily.

Did you know that an advert running on a vehicle could rack up to 70,000 impressions every day? It’s because American's spend 17,600 minutes to be exact, in or around motor vehicles. Therefore, CBD business owners must consider car branding as a complementary effort for online marketing campaigns or as an alternative to online marketing altogether.

 Below are some elements that will ensure you reach the marketing objectives of your CBD enterprise:

  • Keep the graphic detail on your vehicle unique and straightforward
  • Use fonts that are readable from a distance
  • Remember your car is in 3-D and promotional content can be seen at the front, back, or on both sides
  • Embrace professional photographic content for your car branding
  • Always send the right message to avoid confusing your clients. 

Select the advertising elements that suit your needs best and go ahead! Or, if you are still hesitant, get in touch with our solvers to get the job done for you!

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